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About Daisy Consign Plus
In 2011, we started out in Cypress, TX in a charming, quaint shop located on "The Street of Dreams" where often people coming through commented,"What a gem of a place", "A hidden treasure".  We embraced art, taught it and showcased multiple artists and their works!

Our Gift Shop migrated to The Antique Gallery of Houston located in Spring, TX in order to reach a wider audience.  In addition to our antiques and collectibles, we continue to work with Cypress and surrounding area Artists to bring unique items not found in typical retail stores at affordable prices.  Please visit our shop or order right from our Virtual Store. Click on "Artisan Works" tab and "Products/Services" above to view a few of our selections.  Go ahead, get an original and support your local artist community!

Daisy Consign Plus' original location on "The Street of Dreams".
Most of our consignments focus on Art and Artisan-made items.   
Committed to finding new homes for treasures to be cherished!
Consignments Welcomed!
Daisy Consign Plus at The Antique Gallery of Houston - Space G10
21127 Spring Towne Drive, Spring, TX 77388
Had a blast at Paint Ball.
Please visit our shop soon!.
Shop at the Antique Gallery of Houston - Look for Space S4.